Thursday, 27 June 2013

Expression Nail Art

Nail arts are not just meant to color your nails in a distinct manner. They are also meant to state a cool attitude and make a striking style statement with the design. Designs with shapes and curves have run their course. It is now time for you to move on to a different trend. Something new which will not just beautify your nail art, but also will make it convey a feeling!!!

An urge for new designs is like a strong fever which has a tight grip on fashion since ages. From simple shapes to curves, curves to flowers, flowers to animals, the list of ideas for designs will never end. When you have an occasion to attend, you can’t afford to waste time working your brains out for a new design… can you? It’s not always compulsory to have a predefined or familiar design for nail arts. There is always a room for new thoughts!!!

Why not try an expression on your nails?

For those who crave for something new, the Expression Nail Art is here!!! With this nail art, each of your nail shows up with a different emotion!!!   

Procedure to apply this art:

1. Cover the tip of each of your nails with a different color. You can choose any color but a glowing color is preferred.

2. Make black dots to show the eyes and a black line at the base of the tip showing the mouth. To add a smile draw curves at both the ends of the mouth. This creates first expression on your nail.

3. Similarly for the other nails, make eyes and mouth in a different style to show different expressions like anger, happiness, sorrow, tired or any other you can think of. This part needs a little creativity.

4. After the designs are completely dry, apply a top coat to add extra shine and gloss. It will save your design and shield it from external disturbance.

Video Tutorial:

Finish all of this and you’re done with the Expression Nail Art!!! All of your nails expressing a feeling!!! Try this smart nail art and let your nails speak for you!!!     


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