Monday, 1 July 2013

Curvy Nail Art

Beautifying yourself is one of the things you are most passionate about!!! 

Your dressing sense varies not just with season or weather, but also with the latest trends in fashion. Your shoe rack will hardly have any space left as you had stuffed it with every style of footwear. You must be having cupboard full of skin care creams, make-up kits and hair accessories….Right?

Well, your nails also play a significant part in defining your look. Whoever meets you at office or any other place, takes a glance at your hands... This is where the look of your nails comes into play. 

Nail art is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated styles for grooming your nails. Starting with simple shapes like circles and squares, nail art today includes complex designs and cartoon character faces as well. 

Curves frequently occur in most of the designs, be it embroidery or carpentry. How about the same design on your nails? Here’s the new Curvy Nail Art!!! It gives your nails a stylish as well pleasant look with a soothing color combination and an eye catching design lined with curves.  

Procedure to Apply This Nail Art:

Start with a base coat of red on all your nails. Draw a neat curve using silver color and then draw another curve crossing the last one, with the same color.

Make a black curve parallel to the silver curve.

Now line the black curve with small silver dots so that it resembles a beautiful beaded string.

Now use a sticker to make the design of a silver color flower on your nail. You can make any other design of your choice if you want.

Once you’re done with the design, let it completely dry. Then apply a transparent coat to save your design. This layer of transparent coat will protect your nail art from dirt and make it last longer.

Video Tutorial:

The significance of the Curvy Nail Art is due to its unique design which goes well with any outfit. Apart from that, you can wear this nail art in any combination of colors.