Thursday, 18 July 2013

Animal Nail Art

Getting ready for an occasion and confused about the nail art? 

I know it takes a lot to make up your mind on one nail art as there are so many to choose from. Since it’s a season for bold and beautiful colors, designs and patterns, why not try the same on your nails? Presenting this ultra stylish and sexy Animal Print nail Art! This is not difficult as it would seem to you... In fact it is very easy to design this nail art. Follow these simple and easy instructions to flow with the trend and keep fashion on your fingertips.

Animal Print Nail Art Design Tutorial Take out your nails from hibernation and Give them an exotic and wild look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Two amazing animal prints are clashed so beautifully in this tutorial JUST FOLLOW

Steps To Do Animal Print Nail Art:


Apply coral colour base coat on all the nails and let this dry out completely.


Now take white colour nail paint and cover the top half of nail with a diagonal base as shown.


Now it is time for our first animal print which is zebra print. For this Take black nail paint and draw short lines. 


Now with the brush just make these lines a little bit thicker at one end as shown. These simple lines once drawn will complete your first design.


On next nail we will draw our second animal print which is cheetah print. for this start by drawing small scattered uneven dots with light blue colour. 


Now once these dots are dry Take black colour and roughly outline the blue dots as shown .as for animal prints are concerned you need not be so very much uniform which gives the art a more natural look.


Now repeat this design on next nail also on rest three repeat the first design, zebra design. You are ready to catch some eyes for sure now.


Now you are ready to flaunt these nails with a chic pattern…whatever the occasion may be, you will surely be the centre of attraction!


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