Saturday, 23 November 2013

Crackers Nail Art Design

Crackers Nail Art Design Tutorial For Beginners!!!!!

A few strokes on your nails can lift up your mood. A very simple and easy way to have those crackers on your nails. Simply check out to know how to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apply base coat of purple colour on all your nails. Let this dry.

Now apply transparent tape on all sides around your nails so as to prevent the skin around the nails from extra colour.

Dab the sponge on upper part of the nail leaving purple colour at the base visible.

Now apply top coat on the visible purple colour of nail.

Now with white colour make three vertical lines on the nail.

Now make asterisk shapes on the vertical lines as shown. These will represent the crackers.

Remove the tape from all sides of the nail very carefully. After this remove the excess colour from the skin by using a cotton bud dipped in nail paint remover.

Repeat the same design on all the nails for that final look.

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Easy Nail Art Design For Starters

Easy Nail Art Design Tutorial For 


Do you want to add that extra girly feeling by having a beautiful flowery nail art??????????? Need to go to a professional for this one...............not at all. This tutorial brings you a very easy way of doing a Flowery Nail Art for all those who are beginners for nail art. Simply follow the steps ..............................let start with the starters.

Steps To Do Easy Nail Art For Starters

Apply a base coat of black and pearl sheen colour on alternate nails.

Step 2
Take black nail colour and make two strokes with the brush so that it forms the shape of letter v on the top of nail.

Step 3
Now take white nail colour and draw the dots adjacent to one another with the help of toothpick. Once a round is formed fill the center also with the white color dot you will see that the shape of flower is formed simply using a toothpick.

Step 4
Make a small black dot at the center of white flower. Now with silver colour draw three strokes as shown in the video. Make sure that the starting point for all the three strokes remains the same so as to give the art a more natural look and with white colour make dots on both sides of flower ,the top side and then the side of the nail .now your design for first nail is completed.

Step 5
Take white paint and cover half of the already coated black nail in the shape as shown.

Step 6
Now draw small c shape curves in a way that they form the shape of a flower in such a manner that it almost covers the white part. Then draw white dots under the whole base line of white part that covers the nail upper portion.

Step 7
Repeat the above two designs on alternate nails and you will get the final look.

Just try it and you will see that you can get beautiful nails without any professional help.

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Bird's Feather Nail Art

Bird's Feather Nail Art

Step 1:-
Apply a pearl base colour on all your nails.
Step 2:-
Take black colour and with the help of a fine brush draw two bird shapes on index finger.

Step 3:-
On next nail draw the shape of a feather. Apply a transparent shimmer coat on both these nails.
Step 4:-
Repeat the bird design on all other nails.
Step 5:-
Apply transparent shimmer coat on all the nails for that final look.

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