Monday, 10 June 2013

Stamping Nail Art with Heart

Changing nail art every now and then has become an essential part of our fashion. We just can’t resist the temptation of trying another nail art, no matter what it takes. For those of us who love and live fashion, nail art is a killer weapon to set the trend. 

Stamping nail art is something that will give you a breather. When trying new designs for your nails, have you ever thought about something that gives you a lot of choices, that too with great ease? Stamping is one such thing that gives you a variety of designs and patterns to choose from and it is not at all time consuming. In fact, it makes designing new nail arts like child’s play and is amazingly fast. Stamping kit is the only weapon you need to win the style battle.

nail art designs
Heart Stamping Nail Art

Follow the simple instructions to apply this ultra stylish and modern design. Before you start, you need to have the Konad stamping kit and polish ready before starting the design.

First of all, apply the base coat on your nails. Use blue polish for the base coat.  You can also try any other bright colour.

Choose your favourite design from the image plate. Put nail paint over the design on the image plate. Use Konad special nail paint- white colour for this. The coat should be very thick. Now, scrape off the extra paint using the scraper. 

It should be done in a way that the paint remains on the pattern only. Angle the scraper at 45 degree for perfect pull.

Now, roll the stamp over the design on the image plate. Make sure to press it gently so as to get the design imprint on the stamp.

Now align the stamp with the edge of your nail and press the stamp against your nail in a rolling motion. Now when this is done, you have the design gets imprinted on your nail.

It’s time to make the design more glamorous. To do this, you can simply add black dots to the design. Take red polish and create some beautiful little hearts on the nail as shown in the pic. You just need to draw V shapes to create the hearts.

Cover the base of the heart using silver polish. Make silver dots at the base. This gives the design a very rich and classy touch.

Watch this video:

Stamping Nail Art With Heart - Do it Yourself

This style goes perfectly with every occasion. Flaunt these chic and lovely designs wherever you go and raise some brows!


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