Monday, 10 June 2013

Honey Comb Black Nail Art

Nail arts generally involve steps applying a base coat, making some design either with hand or by stamping and finally accentuating the pattern with stones, stickers and studs. Whatever you do, your nail gets completely covered in any nail art. It’s wise to keep your nails beautiful with nail art, especially if the shape of the nails is not that impressive.

Some ladies are gifted with very pretty hands having naturally soft skin, fingers neither too long nor too short and a highly attractive shape of nails. For them, nail art is not necessary required. But when you are changing every part of your appearance for a particular occasion, it will look odd if you leave your nails apart.

Now comes a point, where you have to choose between style and simplicity. Covering your nails completely with nail art and hiding their natural look or leaving them blank can be the odd one out!!!

To ease this situation, you need a nail art which does not overshadow the natural beauty of your nails and at the same time gives them a polished and modish look.

Presenting the new Honey Comb Black Nail Art!!! This nail art is one of the easiest ones to apply. It adds extra gloss to the natural look of the nails and at the same time adds an impressive texture to the tips.

Procedure to apply this art:

1. Using a transparent tape, cover your nails in such a way that only the area meant for the French tip stays open. Cover the French tip using black nail paint. Do the same on other nails.

nail art designs

2. After the paint dries, carefully take off the tape and cover the left out portion of the nail with a coat of transparent paint.

nail art designs

3. For the honey comb look, add hexagonal sequence to the French tips.

nail art designs

With this nail art, only the French tips are covered with hexagonal pattern.The remaining part of the nail remains the same, allowing you to sport the same original look with added shine and an enchanting design on the tips. Try this and show the inborn beauty of your nails with a touch of style!!!


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