Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Canvas Shoe Nail Art

Flaunting the same natural designs in your nail art is quite boring and no longer fits into the new trends. It’s time to do something never seen before!!! 

It’s the habit of many ladies to keep on changing the style of footwear with the outfits and fashion. High-heel footwear suits the party look whereas shiny leather shoes go best with formal dressing. A funky pair of canvas shoes goes well with almost all dress codes.

Canvas shoes are one of the most popular styles of shoes one likes to wear. These have the combo of distinct shape and a catchy mixture of colors which results in an attractive overall design.

Now you can have the impressive design of canvas shoes on your nails!!! Bringing to you a new cheerful way to groom your nails i.e. The Canvas Shoe Nail Art!!! This nail art, being a mixture of a blissful combination of colors and an incomparable design, gives you the best looks no matter what the occasion is.

Procedure to apply this nail art:

Start with a red base coat. You can choose any other color if you want. After applying two coats of it, let it dry. Then make white French tips using a fine brush.

After the French tips have completely dried, draw a black arc inside them.

Make six silver colored dots vertically using a toothpick three on left side and three on the right side. These resemble the eyelets of the canvas shoes. Use a brush to join these dots so that you get the shape of shoe laces. 

You can also add small loops in the centre so that the shoelaces appear to be tied in a knot.

Wait for the designs to dry completely. Once they’re dry, apply a transparent coat. It will save your design, shield it from dirt and add some extra shine and gleam to your nails.

Watch this video to learn more:

Now you’re done with this marvelous nail art!!!

Feels good to have the look of fashion accessories on your nails, doesn’t it? You   can also apply this nail art by altering the design a bit so that a different style of shoes can show up on your nails 


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