Thursday, 23 May 2013

Leopard Print Nail Art

Nail arts have now become one of the most impressive factors to define a style statement. Be it your dress, footwear, accessories or your nail art, you feel a bit awkward to repeat it. It feels embarrassing when somebody points out that you’re wearing the same thing, doesn’t it? The same is the case with your nail arts.

Every design looks exceptional when you use it for the first time. 

It makes its impression on the people around. Once it has been seen, it becomes familiar. The next time it won’t attract compliments like the way it did before. Instead people will assume you don’t know how to apply any other nail art. Fearing this, you always look for a new design for the next occasion.

Leopard Nail Art

Nature holds great beauty. Be it the flora or the fauna, it always gives a pleasing look. Some wild animals though very ferocious in nature, have an amazingly brilliant physical appearance. Be it a tiger or the black-striped white color of a zebra, the magnificent look always enchants you.

It’s your turn to flaunt a similar wild look on your nails!!! Bringing to you the new Leopard Print Nail Art!!! With this nail art, you can get the same beautiful pattern as that on the body of a leopard.

Procedure to apply this art:

Apply a light brown shade with golden sheen color as the base coat. This adds some glamour and shine to your nails.

Randomly draw black c-shaped curves all over your nail in such a manner that no two curves intersect each other.

Fill the curves with dots of chocolate color. Use the chocolate color nail paint along with a toothpick so as to make neater dots. Do the same with other nails.

After the designs are completely dry, apply a coat of transparent nail enamel to save the designs. This coat gives your nails a glossy look and at the same time protects them externally.

With all of the above done, you’re finished with the Leopard Print Nail Art. Try this aesthetic nail art and let your nails state your style with a wild streak!!!


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