Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to do Stamping Nail Art???

Fashion often changes its course, doesn’t it? You always try to keep up with the trend and change your style and appearance according to the latest fashion. Your looks for any particular occasion make a style statement with hairstyle, make-up, dressing sense, footwear, nails and lots more. The appearance and shape of your nails holds a priority as you shake hands with many people revealing your nail color. You can’t simply color your nails with ordinary nail polish to flaunt a new look in this era of fashion. It’s time to add a stylish streak to your nails with the new Stamping Nail Art.

Doing this nail art is quite simple. First you need to have the products needed for this nail art which mainly include nail colors, stamp, image plate and scrapper. Konad is one of the popular brands which deal in nail art products. Log on to www.khoobsurati.com  to buy exclusive nail art products. 

How to apply this art?

1. Choose the Right Color Combo: People choose various colors for nail art. Some unique color combinations like the pair of black and white may go well with any dress code. But nothing is compulsory when the choice is yours. Pick a pair of color which best suits your looks and best matches with your dress code. 

2. Everything on Nail!!!Nothing on Skin!!! : The nail colors which are specifically made for nail art are thicker than the ordinary nail polish. It is hard to remove once it sticks to your skin. Obviously you don’t want that to happen while you’re applying your nail art. So keep skin areas around your nail covered with a cello tape.

Nail Art
Nail Paints

3. Apply a Basecoat: You can take any color from the nail color combination which you have chosen. Apply a single coat of that color on your nail. This forms the base coat on which you’re going to stamp the design. Do not use ordinary nail polish for base coat because it is thinner than nail art color and will not be able to retain the design.

4. Prepare the design: You already have an image plate. Make sure it has the pattern of the design of your choice. Apply the special nail art nail paint on the plate. Scrape the plate using a scrapper so that the color spreads evenly on the plate and extra color is removed.


5. Place the design on your nail: Once the image plate is ready with the right proportion of color, take the stamp and press the plate with it. The stamp is now ready with the design. Place the stamp on your nail and press it. This makes a design on your nail. Your nail art is now ready. Do the same with all the nails

Link for nail art videos to make you understand the procedure more is given below.

You can easily apply this nail art to your nails. You learn something better when you see someone doing it, right?  Visit khoobsurati studio channel on Youtube to check out exclusive stamping nail art videos. 

Red & White Bow Nail Art

You can watch this video & learn to do this amazing Nail Art:

Hope you enjoyed it!! Keep learning...by visiting   KHOOBSURATI STUDIO


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