Friday, 31 May 2013

Lehria Nail Art

Grooming your nails is an indispensable need for you nowadays!!! 

With the onset of newer trends, keeping up your looks becomes mandatory for you. Obviously you don’t want to be old school while everyone else looks cool!!!

Flaunting a new look for the nails is quite tricky when you have already done a lot of nail arts. You can’t afford to repeat anyone of those as it may attract sarcastic comments from the viewers. At this stage when you’re craving for a new design which is not only different but also suits your nails best for the occasion. Even if you find a new design which doesn’t suit your dress code, then the nail art would be done for nothing.

Nail art Designs
Lehria Nail Art

A peaceful color combination with a gripping design completes a elegant nail art!!! For those who are tired of the frequently repeated patterns in designs, here’s something different.

Exclusively for you the new Lehria Nail Art!!! This nail art gives your nails a lavishing streak of style along with a relaxing color combo.

Procedure to apply this art:

Cover your nails with a white base coat, keeping the surrounding skin areas covered with a cello tape. Take cello tape strips of small widths and place them horizontally parallel to each other on your nail.

Put two swipes of a glowing color vertically on two sides of the nail leaving a gap between the two swipes. Orange color is preferred. You can choose any other color combination if you want.

Fill the left out gap with dark green nail paint. This gives an alternate-striped pattern. Let it dry.

Remove the tapes on the nail as well as those covering the surrounding skin areas. Do it carefully otherwise it may disturb the design.

Use stones to make your nail art look even more sparkling and gorgeous. Then apply a transparent coat to save your design and shield it externally. 

Watch this video tutorial:

With all of this done, you’re ready with the Lehria Nail Art!!! A never before seen design will now be on your nails!!! Try this and flaunt a pleasantly surprising look for every occasion!!!


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