Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Red and white bow nail art!!!

A fascinating design and a charming color combination is what you look for in a nail art!!!

The initial phase of nail arts popularized the fashion of having simple designs like face of a panda and some ordinary shapes in multiple colors on the nails. Though not very appealing, these designs proved to be a turning point in nail grooming fashion.

As the popularity of this technique grew, cartoon faces like those of sponge bob characters and some funny face designs began to be a part of nail arts. These designs   portray your liking for cartoons when you use them in your nail art.

Developing more and more in a progressively, this technique has further introduced designs like flowers and many other curvy shapes. The growth of this art in fashion has now gone to such an extent that you can now flaunt the look of the night sky with twinkling stars, on your nails.
Following this, came some funky nail arts with designs like zip and canvas shoes.

nail art designs
Nail Art

Leave all that behind and move on now!!!
Presenting the new Red and White Bow nail art for those who’re not nostalgic regarding designs!!! A bow adds to the charm of your party looks. Now fashion your nails with the same look!!!

Procedure to apply this nail art:

Apply a red base coat or a base coat of any other color of your choice. Take the Konad Stamping Nail Art image plate having the bow design. Put some white nail paint on the plate and swipe it with a scrapper so that the color spreads evenly.

Now press the image plate at white colored area with a stamp so that the design sticks to it. Then diagonally place the stamp on your nail and lightly press it so that you can get a neat bow design on your nail. Do the same to the other nails.

Use a cotton bud dipped in a nail polish remover to wipe off the extra color. You can add rhinestones for a more majestic look. Place them as you want.

Wait till the designs dry completely. Then add a transparent coat to save your design. This will keep the nail art protected from dirt. It also gives your nails a glossy look.

Video tutorial:

This completes your Red and White Bow Nail Art. With this trick you can make a stunning style statement with any outfit.    


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