Monday, 24 June 2013

Easy Funky Nail Art

Nail arts are quite an easy way to flaunt a new look, but applying the most creative and tricky nail art is not that easy for mane people, is it? You need both patience and precision to make a perfect design which best matches your outfit for the occasion. Apart from this, your design needs appropriate level of maintenance so that it doesn’t get spoilt.

Designs like simple shapes, funny faces and zip-shape are quite easy for a nail art, but when it comes to designs like sponge bob characters and leopard print, you take some time before you make up your mind. Once you start doing it, you keep worrying if you will be able to finish it… right? You may even mess it up out of anxiety!!!

For any occasion, choose that design which you feel you can do best!!! This will maintain the beauty of your nails and at the same time, portray your sense of perfection.

Exclusively for the ladies who prefer the combo of style and speed, the new Easy Funky Nail Art!!! This nail art is a quick and simple way of nail grooming.   
Procedure to apply this art:

1. Cover alternate nails with basecoat of black color and pearl sheen color. Let it dry.

2. On the top of the nail having pearl sheen base coat, draw a black V-shape. 

3. On the V-shape, draw adjacent white dots using a toothpick to make the shape of a flower.

4. Put a small dot at the center of the flower and draw strokes starting from the same point outside the flower-shape. Put dots on both sides of the flower.

5. Cover the nail having black basecoat with white color making an oval shape slightly towards the side.

6. Within the white shape, draw C-shaped curves so that they form the shape of a flower. Make white dots just below the base of the oval shape.  Make similar designs on alternate nails.

Video Tutorial

Hardly a few minutes and you’re ready with the Easy Nail Art!!! This nail art is really easy to do as the name suggests. Try it and see how quickly the look of your nails changes from ordinary to outstanding!!! 


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