Saturday, 15 June 2013

Mehndi Nail Art

Your hands hold great beauty!!! You like to decorate them the way you want for every occasion.....!!!

 The style of decoration varies with the occasion and the fashion as well. When you’re going for a party, you prefer a gold or silver bracelet for a more glamorous look. For a casual look you wear a stylish wooden bangle. A set of traditional bangles suit you best when you’re attending a family function.

This way your hands flaunt a different look for different situations. One of those situations is marriage. Be it your wedding or that of a friend or relative of yours, mehndi is one of the most important parts of your appearance. You have a wide variety of designs to choose from. Design happens to be something you’re very choosy about. You want your mehndi to show up a new design and at the same time the design shouldn’t look worse. 

What if your nails gave the same blissful look with the mehndi art on your hands?

Make your nails look more gorgeous with the new Mehndi Nail Art!!! It blends in with the beautiful design of your mehndi. Make your nail art match your hands!!!

Procedure to apply this nail art:

Cover your nails with a pink base coat. You can pick any other color of your choice if you want. Let it dry. Then draw curves and loops starting from a corner of the nail and then cover the nail entirely with a design similar to that in a mehndi. Design can be of your choice.

After the design is completely dry, use silver color paint to fill the loops in the design. This will give your nails a dazzling look.

Style up your design using stones or seroski stickers. You can stick them preferably at the bottom of the design to add a pinch of glamour.

After the designs are finalized and dry, apply a transparent coat on your nails to save the design. This coat will keep your nail art externally shielded.

Have a look at this video:

Now you have your Mehndi Nail art ready. Just like an illusion, isn’t it? This nail art not only suits wedding occasion but also other occasions which involve a traditional dress code. Try this out and see how your nail art disappears into your mehndi design!!!



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