Monday, 27 May 2013

Galaxy Nail Art

Grooming nails is one of the most frequent practices of ladies throughout the week!!!

Starting from applying an ordinary nail polish of single color, the fashion of nail-grooming has brought about the trend of nail arts...

Nail art is one of the most artistic practices in self-grooming prospect. Earlier people used to rely on makeup experts and beauticians for getting a new look of nails. But today there are so many products available in the fashion market. You can simply bring home a set of those products and prepare a nail art for yourself. 

Nail art designs
Galaxy Nail Art

Flaunting a nail art has become even more popular due to the advent of new designs!!!

Design is the primary aspect when you consider nail art. Choosing an appropriate design for a particular occasion may take from a few seconds to many minutes. The reason for this is the availability of several designs. 

The sky looks exceptionally brilliant in the night, doesn’t it? What if you could show the same look on your nails?
Just for you the new Galaxy Nail Art!!! This is one of the most innovative forms of nail art which gives your nails a magnificent look with a royal color combination and a sensational design resembling the galactic space.

Procedure to apply this nail art:

Start with a royal blue base coat. Apply it on all your nails and wait for it to get dry completely.

After your base is dry, take a sponge and add a swipe of red color on it. Dab the sponge on your nails. This will give a gradient look. Do the same again, taking swipes of golden brown, purple and orange color on the sponge, one by one.

For a sparkling look, apply some glue glitter on your nails using a brush. This will not only make your nails look glossy but also add a bit of shine to them.

Now add glitters and rhinestones to your nails. Better keep the rhinestones scarred so that they perfectly resemble stars.

Now apply a transparent coat to save your design. Besides giving additional shine, this coat will keep your design shielded from dust and prevent it from wearing off too early.

Watch this video tutorial:

That’s it!! Now you’re done with your Galaxy Nail Art. There is no doubt that you fancy the look of the night sky. Who doesn’t? The midnight dark sky with infinite stars!!! Fascinating, isn’t it? Get the same dazzling look on your nails with this art!!! It blends in with any dress code.   


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