Monday, 15 July 2013

Stamping Nail Art Design

So you love to try new nail arts like me, hmmnn? But girls, admit it or not, sometimes we generally skip or change our mind just by thinking about the time and efforts required in a trendy latest design. Yeah, sometimes we do get lazy! Any nail art needs patience and proper time of designing.

However, imagine what it would be like to get fabulous designs on your nails, just like that. Pretty cool, right? Have you ever tried Konad Stamping Nail Arts? No? Well, it’s high time that you give these a try once. These are one of the best things that could happen in the manicure world. And you know what? It is very easy, fast and the designs that you can imprint using stamping are just unbelievable. 

Now to apply stamping nail arts, you need to have konad kit. It includes stamp, image plate and a scraper. You will also need to arrange the colours of nail polishes you want to design in. Use Konad special nail polish. Generally you need to follow these instructions for a stamping nail art (but you can always try new stuff).



Cover the area around the nails using cello tape to prevent the colour to spread from unintended portions of nails and your skin.

Apply the base coat on all the nails and let it dry. Now, take the image plate and paint a wet layer of Konad Special nail polish on any pattern that you want to try.

Now, use the scraper to scrape off all the extra paint. All that you should be left with is the polish on the pattern.

Now press the stamp against the pattern on the image plate. Now while pressing, make sure to roll the stamp over the design.

For the final imprinting on your nails, you need to roll the stamp on your nail in a way that the edge of the design on stamp matches the edge of your nail.

Remove any paint from the skin, if present. And then, seal off the design with a transparent top coat.

Ta Da! And you have your lovely nail art ready!

Now, there are some points that you need to take care of while using konad stamping designs.
You need to act quickly. The nail paint tends to dry soon. So make sure you are fast enough.
While scraping off the paint, hold the scraper at 45 degree angle preferably.
It is completely cool if you are not able to use your Konad kit the first time. Trust me, it is very easy and I’m sure you can do it. Wink! 

You can play with designs & colours and show your creativity using stamping. Choose from numerous image plates available in the market and be the one who is always the centre of attraction. Once you are proficient at the basic designs, you can also mix-up more designs or colours and create gorgeous unique styles. Designing nail art has never been so much fun. Make the most of it!


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