Friday, 20 December 2013

Musical Nail Art Design

Musical Nail Art Design Tutorial For 


Do you have a passion for music? If you have, you usually show it in your t-shirts and tattoos. It's time to show your music mania with this astonishing nail art i.e. Musical Nail Art.!!! Here's how to do it!

Apply a base coat of white color on to the nails. Draw four parallel black lines diagonally as shown in the video!!! 
On one side of the nail, draw a neat musical note as shown. You can draw it either with a wood stick or with a brush.
At the top of the design, nicely draw red dots. After it dries, shield your design by applying a transparent coat on it. Musical notes on your nails!!! With this nail art and a guitar hanging on to your shoulder, you can walk around with the glamour of a rock star!!! So what're you waiting for? Try it and state your style with rhythmic beats and rocking notes!!!
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