Friday, 20 December 2013

Funny Bunny Nail Art Design

Funny Bunny Nail Art Design Tutorial For


A character we have fallen in love from our childhood days...........the bunny. So I thought why not to try out a nail art with this cute character. It came out so well that I am sharing this with you all.......the cutie bunny. Check it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny Bunny Nail Art Design:-
Step 1
Apply purple base colour on all your nails. Let this dry.

Step 2Now apply transparent shimmer coat on your nail.

Step 3Now to make that interesting character, the bunny we will take white colour and then make an oval shape at the tip of the nail. 

Step 4
Take a fine brush and then extend two vertical lines with white colour on the top of oval shape to make the ears of bunny.
Now with lavender colour draw stripes inside the ears. Then with black colour the eyes and the mouth.

Step 5Now add two dots with lavender colour and then two white dots on the black eyes.

Step 6
Apply top coat on the nail to add sheen and protect the nail art.

Step 7Repeat the same design on all your nails and you are ready to show off your cute bunny nails.

Watch This Video Tutorial:

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