Friday, 20 December 2013

Lady Bug Nail Art Design

Lady Bug Nail Art Tutorial For 


This is two-in-one nail art video from the house of Khoobsurati Studio exclusively for you people. Two nail arts in one video... isn't it great? Here's a step-by-step guide of Lady Bug Nail Art and Minne Mouse Nail Art. So have a look!

Apply the base coat on the nails and for this, I am using Red nail color. On the base, draw a curve at the top of the nail using black color. Also, draw a line at the centre of the nail. Fill the circle with the black color. Next, make small dots on both the sides of line.

Take white color and mark two dots on the top of nail. Then on the white dots again, make two tiny dots to represent the eyes of lady bug. 

Once the design gets dry, apply top coat to give glossy and more finished look. Repeat the procedure with all the other nails to complete the final look.

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