Monday, 13 January 2014

Crazy Check With Studs Design

Crazy Check With Studs Design Tutorial For Beginners!!!!! 

I am getting more and more creative with rhinestones. So many designs coming up in my mind check out this one...................simple, very very easy and crazy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just check it out and try it.

Step 1
Apply a base coat of olive green colour on all your nails. Let it dry before you proceed.

Now put orange colour on a piece of sponge and dab it on the top of the nail so that the orange colour covers the tip of the nail completely.

Step 3
Now with black colour make lines to draw a check pattern as shown. 
Apply transparent coat on the nail.
Step 4
Now adorn this design with beautiful transparent rhinestone.

Step 5
Repeat the same design on all the nails for that final look.

Watch This Video Tutorial:

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