Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Butterfly Wing Nail Art Design

Butterfly Wing Nail Art Design Tutorial For Beginners!!!!! 

The colourful delicate beautiful butterfly wings bring life to the garden. So making it easy for you to cheer up and feel alive through this tutorial in which we will be drawing butterfly wings on the nails...................................­.follow this tutorial to draw these on your nails !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butterfly Wing Nail Art Design:- 

Step 1
Apply reddish brown base colour on all your nails. Let this dry before starting next.
Apply transparent tape on all sides around the skin of your nails.

Step 2
Now for the colourful base colour of butterfly we will start by applying shimmer blue colour on a piece of sponge.
Now dab this sponge on the top of nail in such a way that you leave some base colour visible.

Step 3
Now with a fine brush and white colour draw a diagonal line as shown. On this draw vertical lines. Now join the top of these vertical lines with the help of curve.

Step 4
With dotting tool make dots on the curves and make small dots with toothpick in between the big dots. Now take coral colour and apply on the diagonal as well as vertical lines. 

Step 5
Now apply transparent shimmer coats to give that final touch. 

Step 6
Remove the transparent tape and with the help of bud remove any extra colour on the skin.
Repeat the same design on all the nails for that final and finished look.

Watch This Video Tutorial:

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