Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sunny and Cloudy Day Nail Art

It gives unexplainable joy when the cool breeze of the morning touches your face at the very moment when you’re looking at the rising sun, doesn’t it? Nature has given us enough to relish, and we keep looking for material satisfaction and pleasure of having a lot of money. Did it ever occur to you why morning is the best time for physical exercise and meditation?

The beauty of nature shows up in various forms, be it the rainbow or the lightning in the night, or simply the blissful look of the shining sun. This makes people choose colors and designs similar to that of the sun, moon and clouds. You too sometimes wear t-shirts with such shapes. Your nail grooming now can make you flaunt a style with the beautiful features of nature. 

For the nature-loving and fashion crazy women, here’s the new Sunny and Cloudy Nail Art!!! Now add the charming features of the nature to the look of your nails and make a difference wherever you go!

Procedure to apply this art:

1. Keep the skin areas surrounding your nail covered using a cello tape so that color does not come in touch with the skin.

2. Put some blue nail paint and sky blue nail paint just below it, on a sponge.  

3. Then dab the sponge gently on your nail in such a manner that the colors gets transferred to your nail. Wait for it to dry and then cover it with a transparent shimmer coat to give a gradient look.    

4. With yellow nail paint, draw the shape of a shining sun on the corner of the nail. Make the eyes and mouth using black nail paint. Make white clouds on your nail at randomly spaced spots. Do the same on the other nails. Wait for them to dry.


Do all this and the Sunny and Cloudy Nail Art is ready!!! Just a matter of time before you groom you nails with an enticing design depicting the bliss of the nature!!! Sun and clouds on your nails!!! Quite exciting, isn’t it? Go try it and make an impressive style statement!!!  


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