Sunday, 4 August 2013

Fanta Nail Art

Ads are a significant part of entertainment, aren’t they? Some of them teach something important, some are too dramatic and some are really funny. Sparking a new trend is another job they do. The style sported by the actors in ads becomes the latest fashion, especially for youngsters. The advertisement of Fastrack sunglasses makes you try that brand when you see John Abraham wearing it!!!  

Similarly dressing styles and several other grooming techniques have been popularized by ads. Certain specific hairstyles of actors in ads cause the viewers to dress up their hair the same way. What if nail art designs get derived from ads? Obviously you’re familiar with the recent ad commercials of Fanta with animations and cute oranges with leaves in the background. 

Now your nail art will reflect the same excellence as that of the ad!! Here comes the new Fanta nail art!!! This is for your nails to show the same funky and attractive glimpses as those in the Fanta ad commercial.

Procedure to apply this art:

Cover alternate nails with base coats of orange color and yellow respectively. Let it dry and then make semi-curves on the nail using dull gold color nail paint. The color combination is specific.

Spread the dull gold colored curvature lines patiently in such a manner that it gives a 3D-effect.

Write the name of the brand i.e. “Fanta” using blue nail paint. Make sure that you write it in the same font as shown in the ad commercial. This will give a more authentic look.

Overwrite the name of the brand and draw the shape of leaf in the same way as it is in the logo, using the same color. Fill the shape of the leaf using green nail paint. 

On the next nail. Make a green semicircle at the top and fill it with orange color. This makes the design look more vibrant. For a more polished look, draw green and gold colored diagonal lines inside the semicircle.

Make three leaf-shapes at the bottom of the semicircle with green color and fill it with the same. Make sure you have the same design on alternate nails.

When the designs are dry, apply a transparent coat to save and protect your design.


Do all of this and your nails will be ready with the Fanta nail art. Try this and make your nails look adorable like the ad commercial!!! 


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