Monday, 28 October 2013

Glittery Nail Art With Strokes

Glittery Nail Art With Strokes Design 


Step 1
Apply light lemon colour base coat on all your nails.
Step 2
Make French tip on your nail with red colour. 
Step 3
Now on this nail starting at the corner of the base draw fine strokes with black colour. 

Step 4
Add green colour strokes in between the already black ones.Adorn the design by using star and heart shapes at the tip of nail as shown.
Step 5On next nail fill half of the nail diagonally with red colour. 

Step 6
Now draw black and green strokes at the base of the nail and adorn the design with star and heart shapes as shown. 
Step 7
Now apply transparent shimmer coat on the two nails.Apply these two designs on alternate nails and on last nail just apply a coat of lemon colour.

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  1. Great Tutorial

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